Cancer Sym: Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer Sym: Symptoms of Cancer

Fatal growth can cause many side effects, but these symptoms are often caused by illness, injury, economic tumors, or various problems. In situations where improvement is unlikely to occur after half a month, your PCP Note that a problem can be expected in the situation can be overcome by analyzing it according to schedule. Often, incurable growth does not cause pain, so do not hesitate to feel the pain before seeing a specialist.

For specific signs of malignancy, see Outline PDQ® for growing and young tumors. Each stenosis includes point-by-point data on side effects caused by specific violence.

cancer sym

Signs of the disease include:

Bosom turned around

Bend your hips or hips tightly at the chest or under your arms

Aurola modified or published

Irritated skin, red, layered, dull, or exposed

The bladder changes

Urinary incontinence

Pain when urinating

Blood in the urine

Without a known explanation, groove or wound

Switch in

Blood in the stool

Changes in the admission process

Hack or rudeness that is not lost

Food problems

Pain after eating (acid reflux or heartburn that does not go away)



Discomfort and withdrawal

The desire changed

Severe and persistent weakness

Fever or sweating at night without explanation

Mouth turns

White or red marks on the tongue or in your mouth

Death, pain, or death on the lips or mouth

Neurological problems

Brain pain


Vision changed

Hearing changes

Face hanging

Skin transformation


Adjustment to the second mole or current mole

Non-recurrent inflammation

Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whitening of the eyes)

Long or irregular in any place, such as the neck, armpits, abdomen, and crotch

There is no known explanation for weight gain or weight loss...

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