Cancer Sym: What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Different people have different symptoms of breast cancer. Some people have no signs or symptoms.

What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Some breast cancer warnings are—

  1. New breasts or chest (arms).
  2. Thick or swollen breasts.
  3. Irritation or irritation of the skin surface.
  4. Red skin or insert into the nipple or breast area.
  5. Pull the nipple or pain into the nipple.
  6. Removal of the nipple is added to breast milk, including blood.
  7. Any changes to the large chest or face.
  8. Pain in any part of the breast.
  9. Keep in mind that these symptoms can occur with other cancer conditions.

If you have any symptoms or signs of concern, be sure to see a doctor right away. 

What Is a Normal Breast?

No special breasts. What is normal for you may not be normal for other women. Many women say their breasts feel thick or uneven. How your breasts look and feel can be affected by abuse, having children, losing or gaining weight, and taking drugs. The chest also seems to change with age. For more information, see the National Cancer Institute Breast Change and Condition icon...

What Do Lumps in My Breast Mean?

Many races cause lumps in the breast, including cancer. But most milk lumps are caused by other treatments. The two most common causes of breast cancer are breast cancer and cista. A fibrocystic condition causes cancerous changes in the chest that can cause thickening, weakness, and pain. The cyst of the bag contains a small amount of fluid that can form in the breast.

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